Useful Tips on Storing Make-Up

Clean up your act

Ideally, you should clean makeup brushes at least once a week. Use a gentle, unscented cleanser (baby shampoo works just fine), or buy a makeup brush cleansing shampoo like this delightfully scented citrus one. For catastrophically dirty brushes, use coconut oil. Always clean with warm water and never ever store brushes vertically when they’re still wet as the excess water can collect inside the handle and do major damage.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Yes, you love that lip gloss, but if you bought it back when flare jeans were still cool, it’s time to say goodbye. If a product’s color, consistency or scent has changed, toss it. Keep in mind that powders last longer than liquids, so eyeshadows will be good for about two years, whereas mascara will only be good for about two months. It’s also worth mentioning that higher end products almost always have a longer shelf life.

Sometimes it’s actually the heat and the humidity

Desert climates can cause products to dry out, which is why that eyeliner seems like it’s crumbling after your Vegas vacation. Humid climates (like your bathroom) can cause bacteria to fester. If you’re storing products at home, keep them away from your shower if possible. If you’re storing them in a storage unit, consider climate control.

It’s okay to judge an eyeshadow palette by its cover

Display pretty products like your dazzling array of lipsticks prominently and keep the less Instagram-worthy stuff out of sight, but not out of mind by buying a drawer organizer like the one you use to keep your silverware in order. Your bathroom sink will thank you.

Clear things up

A clear makeup organizer will allow you to see all your products, that way you’re never wondering where that one bronzer you only sometimes use is. Plus, it looks classy and matches literally any decor. If you’re putting makeup into storage, clear storage containers are also useful in helping you figure out where everything is.

Think outside the makeup bag

Keeping your makeup handy without letting it clutter up your space is a constant struggle. Good news? You might already have the solution. Repurpose a tea cup, vase or that pretty pot that houses a now deceased succulent and add a touch of whimsy.

Get in touch with your inner vampire

Makeup fares better when it’s not in direct sunlight, so if you’re storing it at home, keep it away from your window. If you’re storing it in your storage unit, the problem is pretty much solved, but do mind those UV rays during transit.

Precious cargo

If you’re packing up your makeup to put it in storage, handle it with care. Wrap glass bottles in bubble wrap and secure eyeshadow palettes, blushes or other compacts with elastic bands. Pack items tightly so they don’t jostle. And if somehow your eyeshadow ends up crumbled anyway, simply spritz it with makeup setting spray and press it back into place.

Don’t forget about that return policy

Simplify makeup storage by reducing clutter. If you tend to buy luxury makeup products, there’s a good chance they’re returnable. Don’t hang onto that blush if it makes you look like a clown. Know your preferred makeup counter’s return policy and take advantage of it.

Learn to love labeling

When storing makeup, don’t just label boxes with what’s in them. Label them with dates so you know how long you’ve had your products. This will help you remember what to take home from your storage unit and what to take straight to the trash.

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