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The blush powder, the most sculptural

Mixed skins with oily tendency adore him and it is to him that our teenagers turn first. It is placed after the foundation and the powder.

  • The right tool? A flat brush with a long handle to apply it "in comma" starting from the bulging of the cheek towards the root of the hair. Then the color is melted by sweeping the brush in reverse.
  • The good reflex? Blow first on the brush to remove the excess. The good looks are played with beige orange tones for the matt and beige peach skins for the clear skins.

The cream blush, the most velvety

If you like good looking natural , cheekbones as if blown by the wind, go for creams or mousses that melt easily into the skin.

  • For whom? Skins that are mature or have a dry tendency. They are used on well hydrated skin after the foundation. We put a little blush on the back of the hand. With the pulp of the middle finger, it is applied by patting, in pellet, just in the center of the cheekbone. Then, it is stretched towards the temple to blur it.
  • The right winter tone? A geranium rose that simulates the effect of a day in the great outdoors.

The blush duo, the most sophisticated

In the evening, under the sunlight, one can sculpt a little more his cheekbones by playing on two tones. Dark blotting is used to excavate, while the lighter shade (often iridescent) highlights the reliefs. Using a large brush, apply the first one under the bone and degrade it to the temples. With the second, touch the bulging of the cheek, in order to hang the light.

  • Our advice: The pink tones are unavoidable at night, because they give freshness and clarity to the face. Sweet pink for pale complexion, rosewood or fuchsia transparent for matte dyes, peach or pink sand for blondes with golden skin.

The blush fluid, the most natural

Playful, it colors the skin in transparency. These transparent, lightweight silicone syrup, gel or silicone textures offer a glossy finish without any material effect. Ideal for those who wear makeup, it applies directly after the day cream. A few drops are placed in the palm of the hand to heat the product. Using a bevelled sponge, the blush is patted on the crown of the cheekbones as they rise towards the temples.

  • Result? A "cheeks of baby" effect ultrafrais
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