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Passionate about makeup, but don't know how to transform it into a career? Monicahei Make-Up Studio will help you!

Make-Up Skills for the Beginners

There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed to take this course. You will learn the basic techniques of make-up application.

Advanced Make-Up Skills Course

In this course you will learn advanced techniques including editorial makeup, makeup for the entertainment industry, and more!

Various Styles of Eye Make-Up

Heavy Eyeliner

Feeling like a rock star today? Go for an extra dramatic look by lining the top and bottom of your eye with a bold black liner. Lining your waterline is optional.

Double-Winged Eyeliner

Line the eyes, top and bottom, and wing out on both. Make sure the wings are parallel - you can even add a highlight in between them.

Sharp-Edged Eyeshadow

Want to wow everyone with a high fashion trend you can achieve at home? Create the sharp-edged look by using a credit card, tape, or paper (careful around your eyes) and angle it diagonally from the edge of your eye. Draw the sharp edge with a liner or eyeliner brush and fill in the rest with eyeshadows of the same colour family.

Lip Make-Up Styles


Lipstick is the most basic and classic form of lip colour. It usually comes in tubes and it’s easy to apply. There are a lot of shades and colours available.

Lip Gloss

It gives shine, plump, and gloss to your lips. It doesn’t necessarily have colour, but some varieties include glitter or light tint. It can be worn as it is or put over lipstick.

Lip Liner

Liners are used to define your lip shape. They also make lips look fuller when used with other lip products. For newbies, it helps line the limits of the lips to avoid applying lipstick beyond where it should be.

Our Make-Up Tips

Shape Your Eyebrows

Shaping your brows doesn't need to be difficult. Start by brushing your eyebrows, so that the hairs sit naturally. Then, use a soft, waxy brow pencil to shape the outside of your brow. Using the flatter angle of the pencil, fill in your brows using short strokes.

Using Tape or Spoon for Cat Eye Look

Start by creating a straight line from the outer corner of your eye, following the edge of the spoon. Then, trace around the curved edge from the end of your flick back down to your lashes and fill in the wing.

Heating Up Eyelash Curler

If you find that curling your lashes the regular way only keeps them lifted for a short amount of time, try heating up your curler before using it.

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With us, you will explore and enhance your passion and skills as a makeup artist. We pride ourselves on including plenty of hands-on practice into our courses, making them highly interactive.

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